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Welcome to Lawndale Leftovers - the slightly different place for fanfic. LL is not going to publish the kind of thing other fanfic sites like Outpost Daria, The rubber room, etc. put up.
Instead we will feature material that is unfinished, short or just didnīt work out.
In other terms:

Ficlets: Short self-contained fics, usually with surprising endings.
Fragments: Single scenes that were meant to be part of a fanfic that never took shape, or that were cut from an existing fanfic.
Failed attempts: Fanfic gone wrong in the broadest terms. Characters and plot lines that go out of control and make a mess of coherent thoughts.
Songfics: Song Adaptations or original songs.
Rants: Opinionated? Angry? Controversial? If you want to turn the Daria community upside down. Here!
100 Words: Ficlets with no more than 100 words end up here.
Featured Stories: If it sucks so bad itīs really good, itīs still to good to be put here. If itīs so bad that it itīs worse than those fics that are too bad to be so bad they are good it might qualify.
Meta: Daria on a different level. Das Pferd grasst auf der Metaebene, baby.