About lawndale leftovers

There are a lot of Daria fanfic sites in existance, but all of them put up finished fics. This site is different. Itīs for the raw, unfinished, unabridged and short fics out there. All the stuff that wasnīt meant to be a real fic can now be published.

I had the idea for this site when Robert Nowall posted the following lines at the Paperpushers MB:

I've got scenes floating around in my mind that don't connect up with anything, though. I've got one between a sobbing Stacy and me (the me who posts here, complete with all the knowledge about the series). But I can't figure out how *I* would be in Lawndale, or in a cartoon...and I can't see where it goes from there...

After this post I started to put together the site. There are an awful lot of fics up here, that you wonīt find anywhere else, which means that this site fulfills itīs purpose rather nicely. I want to thank everybody who has submitted so far, but my special thanks go out to Thomas, who remembered the short fic contest, to Caira, who had the thread saved and supplied me with the fics and to Alan, who had saved Carnival so it will always set an example to whoever aspires to write in that special way.